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Joseph Wind

Since 1998, Mr. Wind has led Northern Kentucky University’s effort to provide a greater presence in Frankfort and Washington, as well as represent the university with various Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati community organizations. 

Mr. Wind has also been instrumental in designing NKU’s economic development, regional stewardship and public awareness efforts. Wind co-chaired a comprehensive effort to create the university’s first business plan. The plan was constructed to align the university and the region’s vision for 2015, with an emphasis on facilitating the talent force necessary to support 50,000 new jobs in just seven years.

Prior to joining NKU, Wind served in management positions with Corporex Companies Inc., Shandwick Public Relations, Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and the Kentucky Department for Employment Services. Wind was also principal in the development of the Northern Kentucky Quest Vision, Southbank Partners, Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Growth Alliance, Grant County Vision Quest, Vision 2015 and the Northern Kentucky Technology Triangle.